Ysrael A. Seinuk, P.C. (YAS) is an internationally recognized and MBE certified structural engineering firm founded in 1977. YAS has been responsible for the structural design of major office and residential buildings, hotels, retail properties, educational, performing arts, sports and government facilities, as well as healthcare, hospital, laboratory, bridges, water pollution control plants and criminal justice facilities, together representing billions of dollars of construction. Learn more about YAS.



Areas of Specialization include: High-Rise Buildings, Structures in Severe Wind and Seismic Environments, Environmentally Sustainable Design, Structures with Waterfront Considerations, Structures over Transportation, Blast Resistant Design (Anti-Terrorism), Landmark Preservation, Value Engineering and Peer Review, Advanced Technology Facilities, University Medical Centers, Laboratory Facilities, Academic and Research Libraries, Criminal Justice Facilities, Athletic Facilities, Construction Inspections and Structural Investigations, Building Alterations and Renovations, Bridges and Pedestrian Bridges, Exterior Renovations, Interior Renovations, read more...


Our Portfolio is organized by project type: Athletic & Wellness, Aviation & Transportation, Bridge, Civic & Cultural, Commercial, Government, Healthcare, Higher Education, Pre-K to 12, Hospitality, International, Justice, Mixed-Use, Residential, Science & Technology, Water/Wastewater. Please click on one to see projects in that category.