• Trump Tower Philadelphia

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Client: Foxstone Group
Architect: Alesker & Donn
Photo Credit: Alesker & Donn

YAS P.C. was engaged by the developer to value engineer this 43-story 600,000 square foot residential tower. The tower, adjacent to the Delaware River, had been designed using a 10 foot thick mat covering the whole area of the project. The structure was a combination steel and metal deck requiring hung ceiling throughout the apartment portion of the project.

YAS recognized an inconsistency between the foundation design and the characteristics of the soils and recommended a second opinion from another soils consultant. As a result of the recommendations by the second soils engineer, the foundation system was changed eliminating the thick mat together with the heavy reinforcement that it included.

Concurrently an evaluation of a different structural system for the building resulted in a lighter building that could be erected without the use of forms and without the need to use hung ceilings. The final result is a building that respected the architect’s design intent while saving the developer over $15 million in the cost of the structure delivering a high quality economical building. *Schematic Design Complete*