• Port Authority 42nd Street Bus Terminal

Location: New York, NY
Client: Port Authority of New York & New Jersey 

ADA Modifications - YAS provided field inspection, extensive studies to existing structural system to receive the new crash rails, structural design services required for the modification of bus gates on lower level, third and fourth floors and construction support services. Modifications included designing new crash rails to withstand a bus crash at 15 mph, strengthening existing framing members and adding additional beams to support the crash rails. Project also included staging of construction in conjunction with PANY&NJ traffic division, modifications to the concrete floor slab as required, saw tooth gate platforms to accommodate the new ADA compliant gates and ramps, specifications and cost estimates.

Emergency Generators at Roof (level 5) of South Wing - Performed structural analysis of the existing roof system and supporting columns to determine the structural feasibility of installing two proposed 500 KW diesel powered emergency generators with associated enclosures at the southeast corner of the South Wing Roof (Level 5). Static and Dynamic analyses were also performed for the feasibility of existing roof framing and supporting columns. A brief report was summarized with the findings and recommendations which were submitted to PA NY&NJ for their review. Phase II consisted of final design and preparation of contract documents.

Lower Bus Level Structural Slab over the Basement, Visual Inspection, Structural Slab and Miscellaneous Repairs - Performed visual inspection of all accessible areas of lower level structural slab over the basement within the project limits; limited hands on inspection to develop typical and specific repair details and to verify previous inspections; necessary design calculations; develop repair details; and prepare the contract documents. In Stage IV our firm will provide the Construction Support Services for the project.

Conversion of Existing North Wing 5th floor (roof) to Parking Facility - Added egress stair requiring floor openings and bulkhead. Investigation of all existing framing for parking loads was performed.

South Wing Feasibility Study - Studied the Bus Terminal’s structural system for possible future modifications. Studies included removing some columns on certain floors inside of the building and transferring loads by the hangers and trusses to the adjacent columns to provide open spaces in the bus terminal. Studies also included extending floors to accommodate new escalators and fire escapes.

9th Avenue Masonry Façade - Performed inspection and repair for 9th Avenue façade.