• Albany International Airport

Location: New York, NY
Architect: Architecture Plus
Photo Credit: Architecture Plus

The scope of the Terminal D Security Checkpoint Improvements consisted of building out additional space at 2nd floor and providing new roof over the added spaces. The foundations work included reinforcement of existing foundations by coring through existing spread footings and installation of mini piles. Also, new footings were added to support columns supporting new spaces above.

Foundation work also included survey of existing conditions and coordination of new foundations with existing utilities.

The addition of the 2nd floor space allowed for expansion of the security checkpoint area as well as addition of new space for concessions.

New floor and new roof were framed with structural steel and concrete on metal deck. Portions of the framing required long span beams and girders to avoid interference with airport driveway below 2nd floor.

The new spaces were enclosed with curtain wall type exterior wall system.